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What is mineral beneficiation?

2021-11-09 Xinhai (1049)

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What is mineral beneficiation?


Mineral beneficiation is based on the physical and chemical properties of different minerals in the ore. After the ore is crushed and finely ground, it uses methods such as gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, and electrical separation to separate useful minerals from gangue minerals and make Various symbiotic (associated) useful minerals are separated from each other as much as possible to remove or reduce harmful impurities to obtain raw materials required for smelting or other industries. Beneficiation can enrich useful components in minerals, reduce fuel and transportation consumption during smelting or other processing, and enable low-grade ores to be economically utilized. The data obtained from the beneficiation test is the main basis for the evaluation of the deposit and the design of the plant. Defining beneficiation is the most important link in the entire production process of mineral products and a key department in a mining enterprise. Generally, large-scale mining enterprises are resource enterprises that integrate mining, processing and smelting. The process of separating useful minerals from useless minerals (usually called gangue) or harmful minerals in mineral raw materials by physical or chemical methods, or separating a variety of useful minerals, is called beneficiation, also known as "mineral processing". Among the products, those rich in useful ingredients are called concentrates; those rich in useless ingredients are called tailings; those with useful ingredients between the concentrate and tailings and require further treatment are called medium ore.

gravity separation process

The design of the gravity separation process should be based on the nature of the ore, the beneficiation test report, the construction scale of the mine concentrator, and the production practice of similar chemical mine concentrators. Before reselection operation, sorting, desliming and other operations can be set up. For the selected ores of heavy-medium beneficiation, the screening and desliming operation should be set before the sorting operation. When the ore mud content is greater than 5%, ore washing operations should be set up.

The re-selected intermediate products should be intensively ground and selected according to the nature of the material. China Mine can adopt the first selection and then grinding process, or the first grinding and then selection process. The middle ore with complex ore properties and difficult to separate should be handled by other methods.

magnetic separation process

For ores suitable for dry magnetic separation, part of the waste rock should be discarded in advance by dry magnetic separation under the condition of relatively coarse grain size. The selected particle size of coarse-grain dry magnetic separation waste disposal should be determined based on the test results. When the strong magnetic minerals are subjected to grinding classification, fine sieve classification or magnetic separation after the magnetic separation operation, the slurry should be demagnetized first.

Flotation Process

For easy-slimable ores, desliming operations should be set up before flotation operations.

The slurry mixing operation should be set before the floating operation.

When the concentrate grade is required to be high and the useful mineral inlay is fine, the concentrate multi-stage grinding and beneficiation process should be adopted.

Under the condition of not affecting the selection index of flotation operation, it is advisable to increase the selected concentration of the slurry. The range of increasing the selected concentration should be determined according to the beneficiation test.

In the multi-stage sorting process, the return location of Sinopec should be determined by the test results, and the design can be adjusted according to factors such as the quality requirements of the concentrate and the nature of the Sinopec.

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