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Barite Mining Processes and Common Barite Mining Equipment

2022-01-05 Xinhai (1088)

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Barite is a typical mineral of ba (symbol), as well since the factors associated with barite are ba (symbol) sulfate, the BaO makes up regarding 65. 7% plus SO3 accounts to get 34. 3%. This is a crucial professional raw mineral materials for making ba (symbol) and barium substances.

Taking the barite deposit in China and taiwan for instance, it may be divided straight into four types: sedimentary deposit, volcano-sedimentary down payment, hydrothermal deposit, plus residual deposit. Dependent on ore varieties, raw ore qualities, mine scale plus application, the common barite mining processes mainly consist of handpicking, gravity splitting up, flotation, magnetic splitting up and combined barite mining process.

Within general, the rest barite ore can be separated simply by the gravity splitting up method. The sedimentary barite ore plus hydrothermal barite ore associated with sulfide ore and fluorite can be taken out with the gravity splitting up and flotation technique. Below, we may describe for a person one by a single each barite exploration process and barite mining equipment.


1. Barite mining procedure - handpicking process

After the natural ore is taken out, simple handpicking will be a common barite mining process with regard to many small barite mines. Some barite mines have the high geological quality and stable high quality, so the competent barite products can be selected simply by handpicking based on the distinction within the colour and density among barite and connected minerals. For that wealthy barite ore chosen by hand, the particular grain size will certainly be 30-150mm, plus the BaSO4 will be larger compared to 95%, generally bigger than 92%. Within general, the easy handpicking process will be simple to operate plus can be transported out without barite mining equipment. This particular barite mining procedure is ideal for the particular small-scale barite exploration plant, but this also has obtained the disadvantages associated with low productivity, higher ore grade needs and serious source waste.

2. Barite mining process – gravity separation procedure

This barite exploration process is primarily based on the particular density difference among barite and connected minerals, including ore washing, screening, desliming, jigging, shaking desk, that is mainly used to deal with residual barite ore.

Following the natural ore is handled with washing, testing, crushing, classification plus desliming, the top quality barite concentrate may be acquired simply by jigging and tremble table. The mashing stage adopts the particular jaw crusher plus impact crusher, the particular fine crushing phase adopts the dual roll crusher. The particular separation stage retreats into a heavy moderate rotary drum separator, cone classifier, lure or shake desk. The heavy moderate separation and jigging separation may be used as soon as the particle dimension of barite will be bigger than 2mm, but the top limit of particle size of weighty medium separation will be 50mm, and the particular upper limit associated with wet and dried out jigging separation will be about 20mm. The shake table can be applied with regard to separation once the particular particle size through the barite will be lower than 2mm, but he hydrocyclone must be utilized to get rid of the dirt prior to the particular separation, in order to enhance the separation effect.

3. Barite mining procedure – flotation process

The specific the law of gravity from the barite is large, usually 4-4. 6, plus it also offers a good floatability. The barite flotation process is primarily used to individual the sedimentary barite and hydrothermal barite ore associated along with sulfide ore plus fluorite in collection with the distinction of surface bodily and chemical qualities between barite plus associated minerals.

Getting the barite ore in China for example, the barite debris are featured with increased lean ore plus less rich ore. More than 80 percent from the confirmed reserves are connected with other nutrients. The flotation technique must be utilized for the splitting up of fine barite ore and the law of gravity separation tailings. The particular primary barite flotation processes are good flotation process plus reverse flotation procedure, where the objective of the invert flotation process might be to eliminate the alkali sulfide.

As a typical salt mineral, the particular barite flotation procedure could be separated into two sorts based on the type of adsorption: one is to utilize fatty acid alkyl sulfate, alkyl sulfonate along with other anion enthusiasts to adsorb upon the surface associated with barite mineral inside the kind of chemical substance adsorption, to be able to individual through the other related minerals. Another is definitely to use a good amine collector in order to float barite inside the kind of actual physical adsorption. The amines collector has reduced efficiency and is definitely very sensitive in order to the influence associated with slime, so this is suggested in order to adopt the anionic collector in this particular barite mining procedure. Generally, add the particular NaOH to the ball mill, modify the particular pH value in order to 8-10, and include the sodium silicate towards the slurry as the limiter, then use the particular oleic acid enthusiast within the barite flotation process below the condition associated with 40%-50% solid focus.

4. Barite exploration process – permanent magnet separation process

The particular barite magnetic splitting up process is generally in line along with the surface permanent magnet difference between barite and iron oxide minerals, which is definitely widely used in order to split up the particular iron-containing barite. The particular magnetic separation procedure is frequently used since the combined procedure with gravity splitting up, which can generate the barite the material of barium-based drugs requiring extremely low iron articles.

5. Barite exploration process – mixed process

The mixed barite mining procedure of gravity splitting up and flotation is frequently used for the particular barite associated along with sulfide ores. Intended for the flotation-gravity splitting up process used in order to treat the barite-quartz-calcite ore, add the particular sodium silicate plus collector into the particular flotation tank of flotation machine for removing the particular quartz, and obtain the barite-calcite blended ore, and embrace jig, shake desk to obtain the particular barite concentrate centered on the denseness difference between gangue minerals (such since calcite) and barite.

The first exploration barite ore is definitely mostly high-grade ore, which is normally divided by the cheap and low specialized handpicking or the law of gravity separation process. Nevertheless, with all the low quality of barite ore as well since the complex ore properties, magnetic splitting up, flotation and mixed barite mining procedures are already widely utilized in barite exploration. It is recommended that every my own owner should create a scientific plus reasonable barite exploration process in line with the beneficiation test report, staying away from unnecessary economical loss.

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