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Intro of Cyanide Leaching Process

2022-01-05 Xinhai (1073)

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As it was found that cyanide solution could dissolve gold in 1887, the cyanide leaching process has already been put into creation for practically a hundred years. These days, the cyanide leaching process remains the key gold processing method because of the high recovery rate of gold, strong ore adaptability and ability to on-site gold production. Precious metal extraction by cyanide leaching process is divided into two steps: cyanide leaching and deposition. The particular specific leaching procedures include the percolation cyanide leaching process, agitation cyanide leaching process and pack leaching process. Included in this, the percolation cyanide leaching process and agitation cyanide leaching process are the traditional leaching procedures, as the heap leaching process is a new technology that arose within the last 20 years, which is principally used to treat low-grade oxidized gold ore.


One Percolation cyanide leaching process

The cyanidation solution penetrates along with the ore coating, thus leaching the particular gold from the particular ore. This leaching process is suited to placer and reducing porous materials.

The particular main equipment used in the percolation cyanide leaching procedure will be the leaching container, that is circular, rectangular or sq .. The diameter or even side entire leaching tank is usually 5-12 meters, the elevation is generally 2-2. 5 meters, because the particular volume is usually 50-150 tons.

Two. Agitation cyanide leaching procedure

After the particular grinding and classifying, the ore pulp is put within the leaching tank, plus the cyanide choice would be additional into the pulp, and then the particular leaching is transported out after attention and stirring. The particular agitation cyanide leaching process is primarily used for components whose particle dimension is lower compared to 0. 3~0. four mm. The primary equipment used within this leaching procedure is the leaching tank. According to the leaching technique, it can become divided into constant agitation cyanide leaching process and spotty agitation cyanide leaching process.

• Spotty agitation cyanide leaching procedure

The slurry is put directly into the several stirred leaching tanks inside the parallel operating state and gets into the cyanide leaching. Following the conclusion of gold leaching, the slurry is usually put into the particular storage tank regarding storage, then blocked and washed within batches.

• Constant agitation cyanide leaching procedure

Generally, this particular leaching process is usually performed continually within a number associated with 3-6 leaching storage containers. After the slurry enters the very first leaching tank plus is cyanided, this flows into the particular second leaching container as well because the 3rd leaching tank successively. This keeps the continuing cyanide leaching till the last leaching tank.

In contrast to the particular intermittent agitation cyanide leaching process, the particular continuous agitation cyanide leaching process offers the following benefits:

Achieve the software of the manufacturing process;

save the particular loading and unloading time, increase the creation capacity of the particular equipment;

no storage space tank, save the particular construction area plus reduce the creation costs.

Three. Pile leaching process

The heap leaching process means that the ore can be broken into 3~10 mm blocks, plus stacked in the impermeable bottom mat, plus then the cyanide solution is dispersed in the top associated with the pile in order to dissolve the precious metal in the ore.

The heap leaching process is regarded as the most attractive gold processing approach to low-grade ores as a result of its simple procedure flow and this will not need the large facilities projects or too much production equipment, hence greatly reducing the particular availability costs.

Just before selecting the particular cyanide leaching procedure, it is recommended that every my own owner must perform the mineral processing test in advance, determine the proper cyanidation leaching procedure in line with the results associated with the mineral digesting test, and on the same period, make choices centered on the dimension of the concentrator, conditions of the particular concentrator, investment price and other elements, to be able to finally attain the optimal stability between technical plus economical indicators.

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