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Iron Ore Extraction Process

2022-01-10 Xinhai (1012)

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At the moment, there are regarding 300 sorts regarding iron-bearing minerals identified in nature. Category by chemical formula, common iron pépite are mainly magnetite, hematite, limonite, siderite. Below, we may expose you to two diverse types of flat iron ore extraction techniques.


Limonite extraction procedure

Limonite is a new typical refractory flat iron ore, which is usually simple to adhere to dirt and has weak sorting indicators. Frequent limonite extraction techniques mainly include the law of gravity separation, magnetic separating, flotation, and put together processes.

Limonite The law of gravity Process

In basic, limonite gravity separating is frequently used in order to treat coarse-grained displayed ores. In creation, most limonite concentrators will use washing-gravity separation process to split up limonite and equine iron ore. Independent with heavy method separation equipment in addition to jig. This limonite extraction process gets the benefits of simple products, low cost, reduced power consumption, and so forth., however the recovery level is low in addition to the tailings level is high.

Limonite Magnetic Separation Procedure

Since limonite includes iron, the within iron content outcomes in various magnetic qualities. Generally, high-intensity magnet separation is utilized in order to separate limonite, yet this limonite metal ore extraction procedure has a bad recovery rate with regard to fine particles (-20um iron ore).

Limonite flotation process

The particular single flotation technique has a great recovery effect upon fine iron nutrients, but limonite will be simple to stick in order to mud, which significantly impacts the flotation effect. Consequently, desliming or improved sludge dispersion may be used prior to flotation.

In manufacturing, the limonite flotation process can pick possibly positive flotation or even reverse flotation. Study and practice display that reverse flotation is more ideal for limonite upgrading plus impurity reduction. Furthermore, limonite has reduce crystal particles plus enormous specific surface area area, that is simple to absorb and eat a big quantity of flotation reagents throughout the flotation process. Consequently, multi-stage multi-selection strongly recommended with regard to limonite flotation procedure.

Limonite Combined Procedure

Gravity Separation -- High Intensity Magnet Separation Process

Right after fine crushing, milling, washing, sieving plus grading, coarse-grained ore is obtained simply by gravity separation technique, medium-grained ore will be obtained by painting tool magnetic separator, and even fine-grained ore and even coal slime will be obtained by substantial gradient magnetic separating. The separator gets the concentrate.

As a way to increase the recovery charge of iron, regrinding and gravity separating of gravity beneficiation can substantially increase the grade of flat iron concentrate, and attain a better recovery charge as a result of recovery regarding fine particles and even iron minerals inside coal slime.

Picky flocculation flotation method

If the grinding fineness reaches a specific benefit, digging in salt carbonate and normal water glass inside the running process can effectively disperse the ore pulp, in order that typically the limonite may be selectively flocculated, but at times a single flocculation method is nonetheless challenging to increase the limonite. The standard regarding the concentrate as a result of failure to take out huge amounts of coarse-grained gangue minerals. For that reason, on such basis as the picky flocculation process, typically the flotation process could obtain better beneficiation index.

Flocculation-High Depth Magnetic Separation Method

For low-grade and even fine-grained limonite, high-grade iron ore put emphasis can be attained only by great grinding, but in the same period, sludge phenomenon will certainly occur, resulting within low recovery price. At this period, flocculation-high-intensity magnetic splitting up method may be used intended for low-grade, fine-grained limonite.

Practice has proven that in typically the case of identical grades of flat iron concentrates, compared using the direct permanent magnet separation process, typically the flocculation-high-intensity magnetic separating process can substantially increase the recovery and even separation a end result of iron. That turns out how the fine iron mineral deposits lost in typically the high-intensity magnetic separating may be recovered by way of a selective flocculation process to raise the apparent particle dimensions and so have a greater magnetic force. For that reason, the flocculation-high-intensity permanent magnet separation process can be utilized for fine-grained limonite, but it is important to control typically the slurry dispersion, picky flocculation process, and even the separation situations of the high-intensity magnetic separator (mainly the ore giving method). and cleansing water, etc. ).

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