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Vibrating Screen Theory And Selection

2021-11-09 Xinhai (1009)

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Vibrating Screen Theory

The vibrating screen is simple in structure, reasonable in design, and easy to operate. It is mainly composed of vibrator, screen box, support or suspension device, transmission device and other components.

1. Vibrator

There are generally two types of vibrators for single-shaft vibrating screens and dual-shaft vibrating screens according to the way of eccentric reconfiguration. The block eccentric type is better for the configuration of the eccentric weight.

2. Screen box

The screen box is composed of a screen frame, a screen surface and a pressing device. The screen frame (new sand making machine | river pebble sand making machine | machine-made sand production line) is composed of side plates and beams. The screen frame must be sufficiently rigid.

3. Supporting device

The supporting device of the vibrating screen has two types: hanging type and seat type. The seat type installation is relatively simple, and the installation height is low, generally should be preferred. The supporting device of the vibrating screen is mainly composed of elastic elements. Commonly used are coil springs, plate springs and rubber springs.

4. Transmission

The vibrating screen usually adopts a V-belt transmission device. The structure of the vibrating screen is simple, and the number of revolutions of the vibrator can be selected arbitrarily, but the belt is easy to slip during operation, which may cause the screen hole to be blocked. Vibrating screens are also directly driven by couplings. The coupling can maintain a stable number of revolutions of the vibrator and has a long service life, but it is difficult to adjust the number of revolutions of the vibrator.

Vibrating Screen Selection

Vibrating screen is a new and efficient screening equipment, mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, electric power, chemical industry and other large bulk materials and small and medium particle materials screening industry, especially the metallurgical industry has a wide range of applications, such as coking Screening machinery commonly used in factories, blast furnace troughs, and concentrators. The equipment has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low energy consumption, easy installation and process layout. It adopts vibration motor as the vibration source, rubber spring support and vibration isolation, large processing capacity, high screening efficiency, and large screen Install the inclination angle and assemble the sieve plate by pieces, which is easy to replace and has a long service life. The user should have the following 4 basis when selecting the model:

1. Screening output

The production of machine-made sand is produced by the sand production line, which requires the vibrating screen not only to adapt to the production line, but also to meet the large processing capacity of the production line. The screening efficiency is directly related to the effective screening area of the equipment. The larger the effective screening area, the higher the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen.

2. Screening mesh

According to the rules of the mechanical sand industry, the common sieving particle sizes of vibrating screens are 5mm, 2.36mm, 1.2mm, 0.6mm, and some of the mortar is relatively coarse, at 0.3mm, 0.15mm and 0.075mm.

Generally speaking, the vibrating screen has a good screening effect on dry powder particles with a particle size of 0.074-5mm, a water content of less than 7%, and a non-viscosity, and can screen 6 kinds of sand and gravel materials with different particle sizes.

3. Environmental protection

The production of traditional machine-made sand is often accompanied by dust, noise and sewage pollution, which does not meet the requirements of the scientific concept of sustainable development. The vibrating screen can be equipped with soft connections at the inlet and outlet to reduce the dust pollution generated during the feeding and discharging process. The screen box is designed with a sealed type, and the joint of the screen box and the steel mesh are sealed with a sealing strip. The frame is sealed to reduce the noise effect of the vibrating screen.

4. Durability of the screen

The raw materials of machine-made sand are generally various kinds of stones, which have a large specificity and high wear resistance. Therefore, the screen needs to have high durability, and the loss rate is relatively fast when the screen fabric is screened.

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